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About Us

Kenyalang Integrity Services Sdn Bhd (KENYALANG) is a company based in Miri, Sarawak and wholly owned by Sarawakian. Incorporated in 2017, KENYALANG is established and registered with Sarawak State Government to provide services and solutions to Oil & Gas industries, Energy Sector and General Manufacturing plants, Utilities Plants, Cement Plants, Metalworking and Refrigeration.


KENYALANG specialized in Scheduled Waste Management, Industrial Hygiene (IH) and Mercury Decontamination Services for chemical, hazardous waste and the services as part of control measure identified by most clients. This service is applicable in most all facilities where posses the chemical risk and hazard, which possible contaminate the surfaces of facility structures, fixtures, equipment or even personnel.

KENYALANG’s future as a rapidly growing young company is to nurture the core business to support all regional and international requirements within Sarawak, Sabah, Peninsular Malaysia and South East Asia inline with the state mission and national aspiration to create successful Sarawakian business entities. All shareholders of the company are committed to build the company over time into an excellent service provider that can compete on a higher level playing field.

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