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Safety Sharing in CEEVA

24 Nov 2023 - Kenyalang demonstrated a commitment to safety at the Contractor's Engagement Forum in Kuala Lumpur, hosted by Sea Hibiscus Sdn Bhd under Hibiscus Petroleum. The presentation covered HSSE performance, incident sharing, and lessons learned. They highlighted assurance programs, active participation in HSSE meetings, and contractor management's involvement in safety initiatives. Challenges and constraints were addressed, seeking additional support. Kenyalang's comprehensive safety sharing underscores a proactive approach to fostering a secure working environment, promoting collaboration, and addressing potential hurdles in the pursuit of enhanced health, safety, security, and environmental standards.

Borneo Occupational Safety & Health (BOSH)

20 Jun 2023 - Kenyalang proudly joins the Borneo Occupational Safety & Health (BOSH) 2023 exhibition at Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and showcased our commitment to occupational safety and health at the  exhibition, highlighting innovative solutions and best practices. Their participation emphasized a dedication to ensuring workplace well-being and safety standards across industries. Together, let's create a safer, healthier work environment for all

01 Mac 2023 - Situation involving a minor fire that happened in the switchboard panel room. This situation can become a lesson learn to everyone. Before the PTW was approved, our staff common practice mob to the location early using a van to the work area to do their preparation for the job and suddenly they noticed a black smoke coming out from the room. Fortunately, our team who has been trained with fire fighting basic and they intervened promptly by extinguishing the fire, the rest control the situation and inform the LCOT team about the incident. With the fast action by the Kenyalang team, the fire was quickly extinguished. LCOT safe. With 10 individuals involved, LCOT and Kenyalang management express our appreciation to everyone who was a part of this.

Recognition Of Their Proactive Intervention

Health |  Safety |  Environment

14 Feb 2023 - Our company is committed in providing safe working services even in a high potential hazardous environment such as confined space activities by performing in accordance with legal requirements, industry standards and best practices. By providing professional technical services that are both economical and cost efficient, our best reporting systems will ease you to monitor project progress and quality of the services.

KENYALANG will continuously promote safety culture and enhance HSE management system to ensure that our employees are proactive in dealing with HSE matters. We will also support safety initiatives driven by our clients to help improving the safety and health of our employees and theirs.


4 Aug 2022 - Kenyalang is dedicated to ensuring safety in the workplace through their innovative approach, which encompasses both PTW Applicant Empowerment and Stop Work Intervention, fostering a culture where individuals are empowered to actively engage in the permit-to-work process while also having the authority to halt operations if safety concerns arise, ultimately promoting a secure and proactive work environment.

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